Motley Crue Announce Second Las Vegas Residency

Motley Crue Announces Second Las Vegas Residency

Motley Crue…this HAS to stop. You are playing with my emotions, and it’s JUST. NOT. FAIR. FIRST, you make me cry by announcing your break-up, and NOW you tell us that you’re planning your second Las Vegas residency?! MAKE UP YOUR MINDS BECAUSE I CAN’T HANDLE THIS!

Motley Crue Announce Las Vegas Residency

Now that I have control over my feelings, I can tell you all that it is indeed confirmed that Crue will be heading to Vegas for a 12-show residency at the Hard Rock Hotel from September 18th through October 6th.  The news was announced by Crue friend Robin Leach of, who tweeted,

Motley Crue Announce Second Vegas Residency

The band, who made headlines in February of 2012 when they became the first ever hard rock band to score a residency, could not be more excited about the opportunity they have been given.  Bassist Nikki Sixx told USA Today:

“As a band, it has always been our goal to push our own envelope and evolve with everything we do. Pioneering the Las Vegas rock residency last year was one of those great opportunities. We’re very excited to return in September, and this year we’ll take it over the top with a brand new show that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen Mötley Crüe do before.”

Sounds like an amazing time! Now, who wants to do a weekend in Sin City with me?!



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