Crucified Barbara Takes A Stand Against Violence In “To Kill A Man” Video

Crucified Barbara

Stockholm four-piece Crucified Barbara has just released their new video for their in-your-face smash, “To Kill A Man,” and the timing could NOT have been more perfect. The aggressive, take-no-prisoners video comes in the wake of endless debate concerning women’s safety and overall rights (triggered by the recent Isla Vista mass shooting), and compliments the kickass track to perfection. The video switches between performance shots of the band, and newspaper clippings of coverage of violence against women. A group statement concerning the song, which is set to appear in the upcoming film “In The Red,” reads:

We, and many of us, feel a huge impotence and rage when we hear and read about men who systematically abuse and rape women. This type of crime is something that happens every day, everywhere. From anger, we create music. Heavy influences and harsh riffs became the song To Kill a Man, a really heavy song in every sense.

When asked about the video, they replied:

One fifth of all the world’s women have been raped or attempted rape in their lifetime. The dark statistics became the basis for the song ‘To Kill A Man’ and our most important of the video. The production company 11frames has captured our vision perfectly and we are proud that we take the opportunity lifting heavy topics such as violence and sexism with a really heavy hard rock video.

You can check out the video below, although we DO have to put a slight Trigger Warning on it…

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