How Many Times Can You Repackage The Same Songs?

Really Sony? Really?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – you can now own a compilation of Billy Joel’s love songs. As if you didn’t already own these songs on any of the many previous compilations of Billy Joel songs that Sony has released, or even on the original albums. Now you can own them all in one convenient package with a pretty red cover!

Track Listing includes:
1. Travelin’ Prayer
2. The Night Is Still Young
3. This Is The Time
4. She’s Got A Way (Live)
5. Temptation
6. Nocturne
7. Until The Night
8. She’s Right On Time
9. You’re My Home
10. Just The Way You Are
11. She’s Always A Woman
12. State Of Grace
13. Honesty
14. This Night
15. Shameless
16. An Innocent Man
17. All About Soul (Remix)
18. And So It Goes

Obviously, someone must be buying this stuff since Sony keeps them coming. However, wouldn’t it be nice if no one bought them? If everyone boycotted Sony’s constant repackaging of Billy Joel material, maybe they could put some pressure on him to create and record some NEW music! Now that would get my heart beating faster. ♥♥♥

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