Queens Of The Stone Age Induce Nightmares In New “Kalopsia” Video

Queens Of The Stone Age Kalopsia Music Video

What do get when you mix Salad Fingers and The Black Puddle Queen from “Courage The Cowardly Dog?”  The answer is the truly terrifying new video from Queens Of The Stone Age, “Kalopsia.” Defined at the beginning of the video as “a condition wherein things appear more beautiful than they are,” you expect something, well…beautiful.  Instead, you get this:

QOTSA Kalopsia Music Video

How you like THEM apples?! Now, at first, you try to say to yourself:

Scared Gif

Then this happens:

QOTSA Kalopsia Music Video

You say to yourself, “don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out…”

Scared Gif

Then people start to die, and teddy bears are given teeth, WHICH SHOULD NEVER EVER HAPPEN EVER.

QOTSA Kalopsia Music Video

And you’re pretty much like:

Harry Potter Scared Crying Gif


You can check out the nightmare-inducing video below, but a fair warning, tonight, you WILL encounter this:

It Clown Gif

Now, if you would excuse me, I have a very important phone call to make:

Mean Girls Ginger Scared Gif

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