David Bowie & Iggy Pop’s Legendary Bromance Coming To The Big Screen

Finally, after waiting for this to happen for MY ENTIRE LIFE, British producers Altered Image have confirmed that they are pairing with Egoli Tossell Film production company for the next big music biopic.  They have officially announced that they are in the pre-production stages of a feature film, “Lust For Life,” that will follow music legends David Bowie and Iggy Pop’s notorious bromantic recording sessions in 1970’s Berlin.  The glam besties nearly saw their lives on the big screen years ago, but was unfortunately shelved and forgotten after budget issues.  This time, though, there is no stopping the film, and with the help of Bowie’s first studio album in years being released soon, and rumors of new Iggy & the Stooges music coming out, it is sure to be a huge hit with punk and glam lovers alike. I’M SO EXCITED!

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