Watch the Jonas Brothers’ Video for “Pom Poms”

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FINALLY.  Back in February I posted a little snippet from the Jonas Brothers’ video shoot for “Pom Poms,” their comeback single.  The full song and video are now up and the JoBros are visually and audibly back in action!

The music video starts off with the brothers and a few of their friends on a football field playing “Pom Poms,” which is on the funkier side of pop-rock.  As the video rolls on, a whole plethora of the band’s “friends” show up to party:  members of the Southern University marching band, a gospel choir (???), old biker dudes, and a large batch of partially clothed female dancers doing a lot of pom pom (read: butt) shaking of their own.  Eventually, there is a boys vs. girls dance off, and sparklers come out as the sun goes down.  I can’t really say if there was a point to the video, but it had enough going on to keep me interested.

The Jonas Brothers’ new album title is still a mystery, but with the “Pom Poms” video out now, I expect we’ll be hearing some announcements very soon.  Are you shaking your pom poms to this new song?  Let us know!

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