Ariana Grande & Mika Get Vengeful In Video For “Popular Song”

Mika Ariana Grande Popular Song

Pop(ular) quiz time, kiddies! What do you get when you mix Wicked, and Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s “Telephone” video, and any Tim Burton movie ever made? If you guessed Mika and Ariana Grande’s new video for “Popular Song,” you would be right!  The rather dark video follows Mika and Ariana through High School as they are bullied by their peers and deal with the pressure to look and act a certain way.  The single samples Wicked’s “Popular,” and is a perfectly poppy rendition of the song, making for an interesting contrast with the sinister-looking music video.

The video starts off in a dark kitchen, we see Mika and Ariana making a bubbly concoction with sly smirks on their faces, so you know that the duo is definitely up to something.  In between flashes of Mika getting swirlies and Ariana getting pushed around by the cool kids, the twosome perfect their plan and set it into action by inviting their bullies to dinner.  I won’t give away the ending, but let’s just say that…it’s a smash. Check it out below!

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