Keyframe-Entertainment Announces Launch Of EDM Documentary

American Jungle EDM Film

Great news, EDM lovers!  Keyframe Entertainment has officially announced the launch of  their EDM documentary, “The American Jungle!”  The press release explains:

“In 2013, Keyframe-Entertainment will be Associate Producer for “The American Jungle.” This music documentary studies the roots of Drum & Bass and Jungle, as well as their influences on EDM in North America. The film is directed by Joshua “Phenetic” Freeman and Jeremy “Onket” Ballard, both of whom are well-respected DJ’s in the Drum & Bass genre. “The American Jungle” will explore the past 20 years of Drum & Bass music, its present and future, featuring artists such as DJ Hype, Dieselboy, Aphrodite, DB & Dara, Andy C, AK1200, and many more.

“The American Jungle” will begin its U.S. screening tour during the late Summer/Fall season of 2013, and will travel throughout the continental United States. The film submerges the viewer directly into the deep end of the Drum & Bass lifestyle and scene, featuring the people that support it. “The American Jungle” will be screened in Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin, Kansas City, Springfield, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Richmond (VA), Kentucky, Atlanta and Nashville.

Jungle is a high-energy style of dance music that originated on the streets of London around 1992. Jungle is the term originally used at the time of the genre’s inception. While Drum & Bass is the standard reference term for the music, the term “Junglist” was associated with those committed to the lifestyle, and is still used today.”

This sounds AWESOME! Can’t wait to see how “The American Jungle” turns out, it definitely sounds promising!

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