The Jonas Brothers Take the Field with “Pom Poms” Video Shoot

At last!  Our favorite pop-rock brotherly trio, Hanson the Jonas Brothers, is taking a break from reality shows, movies, and musicals to bring us the group’s fifth studio album!  There is no release date or album title announced, but it looks like the first single is already on its way for the spring.  Ryan Seacrest revealed on his radio show that the first song to be released is called “Pom Poms,” and the band recently shot a music video for it in New Orleans.

There is footage (albeit silent footage, ugh) of the video shoot online showing the band playing along to the song on a football field with members of the marching band of Southern University.  With a title like “Pom Poms,” cheerleaders for the Saints and Hornets will, of course, appear in the video as well.  This will be the first new music we’ve heard from the Jobros since 2009.

I may never have been a cheerleader, but I still totally know all of the words to “Mandy,” so I think maybe the Jonas Brothers should write a song about awesome bloggers too…right?

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