Lana Del Rey Is “Young And Beautiful” In Stunning New Video

Lana Del Rey Young And Beautiful Music Video

We all know by now that Lizzy Grant, AKA Lana Del Rey, is an absolute Goddess. I mean, come on, look at this:

Lana Del Rey Lizzy Grant

Like…THAT’S JUST NOT NORMAL. Now, I must admit: after seeing Lana’s past couple of videos, I really didn’t think she could do much better.  No one can deny that Queen Lana has been on a roll lately, and the fear that she may have “peaked” already did pop into my mind more than once.


In the just-released video for “Young And Beautiful,” off the highly-anticipated Baz Luhrmann adaption of The Great Gatsby, Lana proves that she is here to stay, seranading an entire orchestra with her hypnotic on-key vocals and lost-love persona.  She seems to channel another Luhrmann movie dame, Satine from 2001’s critically acclaimed “Moulin Rouge,” clad in a relatively conservative black gown and asking the viewer something we’ve all wondered about:

“Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?”

You “know we will” ALWAYS love you, Lana, keep on crooning!

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