One Direction: Cracker Salesmen?

One Direction Cracker Salesmen

Yup, you read that correctly!  The boys of One Direction are the new faces of Nabisco and could not be more excited about the opportunity to spread munchies with the world.  My future husband who just doesn’t know it yet Harry Styles is particularly thrilled about the partnership, gushing about how he invented putting cheese on Ritz crackers.  Meanwhile, Zayn Malik decides to rain on his (and my) parade, telling him:

“It’s the suggestion on the box. It already tells you what to do.”

RUDE!  Joining in on the mocking, Harry’s bandmate Louis Tomlinson starts up a slow-clap, and proceeds to get passionate, expressing his distaste about crackers, being that he is firmly “Team Cookie” in the “Cookie vs. Crackers” debate.  You can fangirl over both a behind-the-scenes look at One Direction’s photoshoot AND the debate below!

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