Justin Bieber Can “Take You!” – Pop Star Accused Of Battery

Justin Bieber Assault

Welp, Justin Bieber’s in trouble again.  It still amazes me that in between walking around a Polish airport with no shirt on, baring his butt on Instagram, and endangering the public with Lil Scrappy, Justin Bieber has time to do ANYTHING, nonetheless beat up his neighbor.  But, the boy wonder continued to amaze us all when he, shortly after returning from his bare-chested Poland trip, was accused of assaulting his neighbor in Calabasas yesterday morning.  Police were called to the scene around 9am, and the neighbor in question reported that when talking to Bieber about loud parties being thrown at his house while he was away (Lil Scrappy, is that you?) when things escalated to the point that Biebs physically assaulted him and began making verbal threats.  While no further details are known at this time, I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as they are released.

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