Justin Bieber Falsely Outed As Gay By E! Twitter Hackers

Justin Bieber Gay

Before I begin, let me just take a second to get this out of my system:

Adam Lavine Laughing Gif

Adele Laughing Gif

Miley Cyrus Laughing Gif

Taylor Swift Laughing Gif

One Direction Laughing Gif


Aaand last but not least:

Selena Gomez Laughing Gif

Phewf! Okay, I’m good, I’m good.

Justin Bieber was mistakenly outed as gay this past Saturday when the E! News twitter was hacked!  The site was taken over around 1PM by the Syrian Electronic Army, who gave Beliebers everywhere heart palpitations by sending out a now-deleted series of tweets saying:

“Exclusive: Justin Bieber to E! Online: ‘I’m Gay'”

Along with the announcement came a link to a false E! website, along with a follow-up tweet that read:

“Exclusive: Selena Gomez tells E! she will fully supporting Justin in his coming out.”

Luckily, to the relief of Bieber fans worldwide, another tweet was sent through just minutes later, with the Syrian Electronic Army taking full responsibility for the “outing,” stating:

“The Syrian Electronic Army was here! Fans of @justinbieber, you have been trolled by @Official_SEA12 #SEA”

When E! Online finally gained back access to their account, they assured their followers:

“Our account @eonline has been compromised and some incorrect information was sent out. We’re working with Twitter now to fix this”

Aw, man! Way to put a damper on the best prank pulled in a good long time, E!  Oh well, I’m sure Justin doesn’t mind!
To conclude, I have one thing to say to the Syrian Electronic Army:
Well played.

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