Paparazzo Killed While Trying To Get Photos Of Justin Bieber’s Car

Devastating news for Justin Bieber: a paparazzo, now identified as Chris Guerra, was killed Tuesday night in Los Angeles while crossing the street in order to get pictures of the teen crooners Ferrari.  While the pop star was not in the car at the time of the accident, the paparazzo had apparently seen Bieber smoking marijuana in the vehicle earlier in the day, and was apparently in search of evidence.  The driver of the car that hit him, Lil Wayne’s protégé, Lil Twist, had just celebrated New Year’s with Bieber, although it is still unknown just why he was driving his friend’s white Ferrari.  While many may be calling for Twist to be brought to court, it seems that because of the simple fact that Guerra was not on a crosswalk during the time of impact, he may get off with little to no punishment.

In wake of the news, Bieber released a statement expressing his condolences for the friends and family of the victim, along with a call to action for stricter regulations on paparazzi.  He quickly got the absolute support of fellow pop star Miley Cyrus via twitter, who admonished the government and the paparazzi for not acting sooner.  While it breaks our heart to hear about such a promising young life being lost, hopefully this will be just what the government and public need to see how very serious a matter paparazzi safety laws are.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his loved ones in this time of need.

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