In Today’s “Yes…Seriously,” News: Ke$ha Gets Her Own Documentary Series

If you’re anything like me, (God help you if you are,) you find yourself randomly wondering, “Geez, if only I knew how Ke$ha felt right now.”  Well, guess what?  Dreams really DO come true, kiddies, because the glitter goddess herself if coming out with a documentary series based on her life!  The series will be directed by her brother, Logan, along with Steven Greenstreet, a family friend, and will follow Ke$ha around the world as she writes, promotes, and records her newest album, “Warrior.”  When asked about the project, Ke$ha explained:

“You might have heard my voice on the radio, seen me onstage or in a music video, but that’s only part of the story.  With this documentary series I’m revealing a more complete picture of what my life is really like.  It’s not all glamorous, but it’s all real.”

So, wait…Ke$ha does more than throw glitter at random people, drink Jack Daniels, and hang out with furries all day? Well, color me surprised.  While I’m not entirely sure just how good successful this series is going to be, I’m going to refrain from judging until I see it. Although, after looking at this promo…let’s just say, this series should be nothing if not entertaining.

All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)

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