Katy Perry Teams Up With UNICEF & Visits Madagascar

Katy Perry UNICEF Madagascar Visit

Katy Perry is proving to many that she’s not just a pretty face by recently teaming up with UNICEF and visiting Madagascar.  The pop sensation made the trip to bring attention to the growing poverty and political crisis, visiting both remote villages and a primary school in Ampihaonana, saying:

“An education is an incredible opportunity here. I visited a very remote community, where children and teachers walk for 45 minutes just to get to school. This is a testament to how appreciative they are about their education.”

The songstress summarized her incredible trip in a passionate statement:

“In less than one week here in Madagascar, I went from crowded city slums to the most remote villages and my eyes were widely opened by the incredible need for a healthy life — nutrition, sanitation and protection against rape and abuse — which UNICEF are stepping in to help provide. “I am grateful to UNICEF for giving me the opportunity to see first-hand how their programs make a real difference in children’s lives. Support for UNICEF is saving children, I am a witness to it.”

It’s always awesome to see a huge star taking part in such a fantastic organization.  Make sure to check out the full gallery of Katy in Madagascar below, and to find out how you can get involved in the fight against poverty, click here!


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