Owl City – The Midsummer Station Acoustic EP

Owl City

Owl City is mainly known for their two big hits “Fireflies” and “Good Time” along with their unique sound. Here, Owl City look to show there’s more to their electronic sound with their new EP “The Midsummer Station Acoustic” released on July 30th. Basically they picked out a few of their top songs off their last album as well as two unreleased songs and released an “acoustic” version of each. I say ‘acoustic” because this isn’t much of an acoustic EP.

First of all both unreleased tracks aren’t acoustic at all with “Hey Anna” actually being upbeat. It is the two unreleased tracks so those could slide since they are just trying to show new music to their fans. The other three songs on the EP include hit song “Good Time” which is a much more slowed down version of the song with just percussion, piano and guitar. I think that it would have been better suited with just an acoustic guitar in my opinion but it’s decent nonetheless. The lead singer also sounds somewhat bored especially in “Good Time”. Usually on acoustic versions of songs singers tend to show their vocal chops but here he is just very monotone throughout the whole thing. Overall the main reason this was released was to introduce the two unreleased songs which are decent at best. On acoustic albums, artists tend to just use acoustic guitars but here there’s much more to it. Owl City fans should like this, the casual music fan may not be too fond of it but check it out yourself.

Check out the acoustic version of “Good Time”

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