Review: David Lynch – The Big Dream

david lynch - the big dream

Film auteur David Lynch has released his new sophomore album The Big Dream, which carefully builds a recognizable, modern blues sound that carries on throughout the entire work. That is, whatever modern blues sounds like after it’s been filtered through Lynch’s warped mind.

It’s a vast improvement from his previous record, Crazy Clown Time. It draws you in with its murky, electronic ambience, giving it a stronger Lynch-ian vibe. As a filmmaker, David Lynch is known for his incredible and precise use of sound, and the imprint Lynch has left on cinema is almost indescribable.  and the songs on The Big Dream sound like something pulled from the background of Twin Peaks or Mulholland Drive.

Some notable songs include title track, “The Big Dream”, crawling out the speakers and giving the listener an introduction to the shadowy, graveyard feel of the album. There are eerie fever dreams (“The Line It Curves”), and even a Bob Dylan cover capable of giving people the chills (“The Ballad of Hollis Brown”). The album’s single “I”m Waiting Here” with Lykke Li is a standout on it’s own. Lynch’s voice is thin and nearly fragile, but it’s equally hypnotic as it conveys the elusiveness of his lyrics.

David Lynch’s musical abilities won’t necessarily leave the same mind-blowing and perplexing impression as his films have (see his short film The Grandmother, be prepared for nightmares) but it’s still incredibly good. The Big Dream fits perfectly into Lynch’s unique vision and style as an all-around artist.

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