KAT HAUS – Beautiful Things

Kat Haus Beautiful Things

For fans of: Tycho, Pretty Lights, Supervision.

Naming an album “Beautiful Things” is a very risky move. God forbid the record is less than stellar, and you’re in for a bad time with reviews.

Luckily, San Francisco-based electronic duo KAT HAUS’s new album, “Beautiful Things,” is AAAAAAMAZING.

“Beautiful Things” kicks off with “Waves,” a dreamy synth-heavy track about escaping a disturbed conscience. “Your body is a shelter from my troubled mind,” KAT HAUS sings, before dropping into a techy chorus that sounds right out of Tron. Next up is “Soul 2 Soul,” a soft track embracing light, airy vocals, before fading into the EP’s title track. “Beautiful Things” is a stand-out track, the poetic lyrics blending perfectly with a steady, 80s-influenced beat. “Don’t try to hold the precious things, nor try to grasp the song they sing” they croon, “You feel me like the wind that blows, so why not just try and let it go?” Keep an ear out for the unexpectedly aggressive ending, when a hard techno breakdown takes over! “Familiar” is a delightfully spacey tune with a strong, heavy bassline that accompanies dreamy vocals. With a rhythm reminiscent of Lorde’s “Glory & Gore,” KAT HAUS will have you hooked on this hypnotic track in no time. “Beautiful Things” wraps up with “Hold You,” which will have you tripping with it’s operatic vocals, and eerie, echoed stylings. You can get your download of KAT HAUS’ latest for just $4 on BandCamp here.

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