Review: Pond – Hobo Rocket


It’s inevitable for the Aussie rock group Pond to be compared to their older sibling Tame Impala. The bands share two members, and it’s likely for Pond to seem like a side project , despite their new album Hobo Rocket being their fifth release. Hobo Rocket is a short album, consisting of only seven tracks, but Pond stirs up something memorable in this edgy, heavier album. The album’s first single, “Xanman”, consists of full force, crashing cymbals and wailing guitars with a psyched-out overtone. “Aloneaflameaflower” shows a more metal-inclined side of Pond with much darker and heavier riffs, while “Giant Tortoise” is a psychedelic, spaced out trip with queasy vocal effects and guitar fuzz that swooshes in and out.

Pond’s Hobo Rocket is definitely a cosmic journey, even though the journey is only 34 minutes long. The schizophrenic tracks are fearless, as loopy and weird as they sound. There’s a lot to discover on this album, and as usual, the discoveries are fairly odd.

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