Shpongle – Museum of Consciousness

Shpongle Museum Of Consciousness

After a long four years touring, Shpongle, the psychedelic musical project by the UK’s Simon Posford and Raja Ram, is back and better than ever with their new album, “Museum of Consciousness!” Shpongle, which has been said to be an “umbrella term for feeling positive or euphoric emotions,” certainly lives up to it’s definition, with all seven tracks managing to reel you in and improve your mood from the very first note.

“Museum of Consciousness'” first track, “Brain In A Fish Tank,” is a fascinating mix of tribal beats, sounds from nature, and futuristic synths, all providing the perfect background to the seemingly randomly placed vocals.  “Brain In A Fish Tank” is followed by the over 10 minute long “How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain,” a hypnotic blend of heavy bass, manipulated vocals, and trippy drops that will take you on the journey of a lifetime.  The next track, “Juggling Molecules” has an obvious rushed feel to it, the beats noticeably faster before dropping into “The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-Celestial Delights,” which delves back into Shpongle’s always-adored ambient mood with a hint of Bollywood. The nearly 12 minute “Extra-Celestial Delights” is like watching a thriller on the big screen: muted and dormant until the middle, where the track comes to its climax before simmering back down.

Up next is the video game inspired “Further Adventures In Shpongleland,” the eery dripping beat that carries the track making the listener uneasy. Following “Further Adventures In Shpongleland” comes the truly epic “The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla,” which sounds like an adventurous soundtrack with its clever use of horns and classical strings.  The album’s final track is “Tickling The Amygdala,” a combination of all genres, instruments, and stylistic elements of the songs before it, providing the perfect end to a truly incredible album. “Museum of Consciousness” is out now!

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