Icona Pop – This Is…Icona Pop

Icona Pop This Is...Icona Pop

Swedish duo Icona Pop have just released their peppy new album via Atlantic’s Big Beat records, and it’s sure to get the party started! The album jumps right into the smash hits, with the first two tracks being “I Love It” and “All Night.” Following the bangers comes the dance-ready tracks, “We Got The World” and “Ready For The Weekend” before the pair unleash a surprise cover of Tupac’s “Girlfriend,” which garners “awww’s” from all corners. Icona Pop turns down the volume for the surprisingly soft “In The Stars,” crooning, “Skies open, where we going? / It’s in the stars, it’s who we are / Don’t you worry about the morning / It’s in the stars, it’s who we are.” They breifly bring back the fast beats in “On A Roll” before getting deep once again on the stunning “Just Another Night,” where they contemplate life changes, saying “Stepping over cracks in the pavement, another night of being wasted/Staring at your name, staring at your name.” It’s undoubtedly a different direction than listeners are used to, but one that’s absolutely worth a listen nonetheless. The album wraps up with the trio-of-catchy, “Hold On,” “Light Me Up,” and “Then We Kiss,” all party anthems with a contemplative twist.

Icona Pop recently told Interview Magazine, “Our album is not going to be like 12 tracks that are going to sound exactly similar. It’s going to be very different. You can hear the journey that we’ve been through.”

That journey certainly sounds amazing. Well done!

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