Hot Topic Launches Battle of the Bands Contest

hot topic, battle of the bands
In order to promote their “Get In Our Pants” campaign, Hot Topic has launched a Battle of the Bands contest.  Bands can be entered up until June 13, and on June 21, Facebook fans will be allowed to vote on their favorite submissions.  So, what are the prizes, you ask?

1) A trip to the Hot Topic headquarters in L.A. for both a performance AND photo shoot.  Not bad.
2) A $1000 grant.  Seems a little cheap, but who’s going to pass up free money?
3) Your band in a “Get In Our Pants” campaign poster in your hometown store.  Only the hometown store, where a decent amount of Hot Topic shoppers probably already know about your band?  Couldn’t it at least have been statewide?
4) A year’s worth of free jeans for each band member.  Okay, does that mean one pair of jeans each?  These are band members we’re talking about here- they tend to wear their jeans until they’re covered with holes, and even then, they just patch them up.  No, according to the FAQ it actually means each member receives a $500 gift card to the store.  Nice!

It doesn’t have the craziest prizes, but it couldn’t hurt to submit your band, as you’ll certainly gain some exposure, at least during the voting period.  Who knows?  Your professionally shot photos could end up next to sweet furry animal hats, a Twilight poster, or some overpriced band tees!  Just kidding.  But not really.

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