Van Halen Planning New Album!

Van Halen New Music

Rock legends Van Halen have officially announced that they are working on new music!  Frontman David Lee Roth spilled:

“We are going to be getting together, not this month, at the end of June to start preparing for some new recording and some new songs.”

BUT – Don’t get too excited just yet, because Roth has warned that the music may take a while to be released.  After all, insuring your dangly bits does take time out of the man’s schedule.

“We plan ahead by about two-and-a-half years in advance, which sounds extravagant, but from the time you go, ‘Let’s start to write some songs,’ until all of the machines of production and humanity kick in, things move achingly slow — achingly slow. Especially if you are art-centric, if you want something to last, it’s going to take a long time to put it all together. Quick up is quick down. We know about one-hit-wonders and we know about fast, but it’s about three years, it takes about three years.”

…Three years? THREE YEARS?!

Van Halen Gif

LAME. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be a great album anyway!  See ya in THREE YEARS!

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