Danity Kane to Reunite?!

danity kane, p. diddy
Can you fix my H-E-A-R-T?”  Because I think it stopped when I heard this news.  Danity Kane, the hard-working girl group formed by Diddy on his Making The Band reality show, are rumored to be (finally) reuniting.

danity kane
It’s about time that some multi-talented women reminded America that pop groups aren’t just for pretty boys.  We already know that the ladies of DK can sing and dance their hearts out – they seriously had to bust their asses to earn spots in the group in the first place.  We know that they’re capable of, oh, making Billboard history with chart-topping albums.  So, whatever comes out of this (unless it’s nothing) is sure to be show-stopping.

Four of the five original members of Danity Kane were spotted meeting up for lunch on Monday, and when asked about the possibility of a reunion, avoided the question.  Hmm, no answer at all usually means a yes, and even when it’s a straight-up “no,” it still usually means a “yes” (unless you’re The Smiths), so things are looking good.  Fifth member, D. Woods, was not present, but we’re hoping it was just a scheduling issue and that all five members will be working together again.  It looks like someone they won’t be working with, however, is Diddy.  Member Aubrey O’Day answered “Who’s that?” when asked about the producer’s involvement.  Ouch.

We are super excited to see the girls back, even if some of them may be a little unrecognizable (cough, Aubrey, cough).  Let’s hope for an official announcement soon!

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