Miley Cyrus Tweets Photo of Niall Horan in the Studio

Aaand I can hear the fanfic being frantically typed out now.  Miley Cyrus, who is finally recording new music, tweeted a picture of One Direction’s Niall Haron in the studio with her producer, Mike WiLL.  Could this mean a collaboration?

miley cyrus, niall horan mike will

Thanks for the clarification, Miley.  Those of us with our glasses off could have very easily thought it was you.  Seriously though, the two singers have the same exact hairstyle.  Back to the main point – what were they doing in the studio together?  Can you imagine their musical styles mixing?  According to Cyrus, her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is still going strong, so unless there is some serious drama ahead, they are not an item.  Perhaps they are *GASP* just friends.  We’ll have to wait and see.

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