Stream a New Paramore Song – “Still Into You”

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After all of the drama and rumors that came along with the Farro brothers quitting the band, plenty of fans voiced their concerns about how Paramore’s new music would sound, and if they would still be, well, Paramore.  The trio, on the other hand, is more confident than ever, having self-titled their upcoming April 9th release.

The band’s first single, “Now,” was released in January, and showcased the darker intensity we loved on their most recent full-length, 2009’s “Brand New Eyes.”  The group, however, really threw their fans a curve ball with the lyric video for the new track “Still Into You” posted today.

“Still Into You” is poppy, peppy, and radio-ready.  It’s one of those love songs perfect for jumping on your bed and singing along to the lyrics with your hairbrush microphone.  Or, you know, singing along to the best of your abilities.  Hayley Williams proves to us yet again that she has one of the strongest voices in the pop-rock game with this new single (seriously, listen to that bridge starting around 2:52).

So, maybe we’re not so sure anymore what the overall sound of Paramore will be, or if we’ll be able to generalize at all.  All I know is that the anticipation is at an all time high, and this band’s winning streak isn’t over yet.

Watch the lyric video for “Still Into You” below!  It features singing and dancing shadow puppets, so…not really sure what else I need to convince you.

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