Listen to Avril Lavigne’s New Single – ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’

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Everyone’s favorite tie-wearing, sk8er boi loving rocker chick, Avril Lavigne, is back with a predictably titled new single, “Here’s to Never Growing Up.”  Lavigne’s last album, “Goodbye Lullaby,” was only released two years ago, but with its limited success compared to her previous efforts, it feels like it’s been a while since she’s garnered some real attention for her music.

“Here’s to Never Growing Up” is a much more laid back tune than I had expected; it’s a mid-tempo song with acoustic guitar, leaving the in-your-face attitude solely for the lyrical content.  Lavigne does imply to having pedestrians kiss her ass and proclaims that she doesn’t give a f***, just…in a way that you can sway and clap to while listening.

When the first verse kicks in, it sounds eerily like the singer’s first big single, “Complicated,” but with waaay too much autotune (especially for someone who we know has a powerful voice live).  The first line of the song (which is repeated throughout) is “singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs.”  We wonder how the band will feel about that.

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You’d think it’s safe to say that Avril should have grown up by this point- after all, she’s almost thirty and she’s engaged to be married to husband #2, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger.  Fortunately for Avril’s self-esteem, she doesn’t care what we think, singing “this is who we are, I don’t think we’ll ever change.”  She’s not a kid anymore, but she still looks and acts like she’s in her late teens, so we’ll see if this single catches on, and with what age group.  Those of us who aren’t feeling the romanticized immaturity can just laugh, remember the Let Go days, and shake this off.

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