Rihanna Hits “Rude Boy” With Microphone At Concert!

Rihanna Wallpaper

Now, Rihanna, I think that you know better than ANYONE that violence is NOT the answer to problems.

Amiright or amiright?

Yup, I just went there.

The “Good Girl Gone Bad” is finding herself under fire after getting into an altercation with an overzealous fan at a Birmingham, UK concert recently, where she ended up smacking the RiRi lover with her microphone.  The action was in response to the fan apparently refusing to let Rihanna’s arm go after she stepped into the audience to shake hands during her performance of “We Found Love.”  After the concert, the songstress took to her official twitter page to express her outrage:

“Purpose! That b— won’t let me go!”

Welp, that’s certainly ONE way to get your point across.  Although, next time, probably just let security handle it, okay? Great. Now, go sit in the corner, you’re officially in time out for the next hour until you learn to use your words, young lady!

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