Beyonce SLAYS At Superbowl Halftime Show, Causes Power Outage

If you didn’t fall even MORE “Crazy In Love” with Beyonce after this year’s Superbowl halftime show…well, you have my sympathies, because it just doesn’t get any better than that.  The queen absolutely KILLED IT in a performance that is already going down in the books as one of the fiercest in recent history, singing both solo and bringing in former Destiny’s Child members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for a reunion show!  In fact, the show was SO incredible, the stadium suffered a massive power surge after her performance, awkwardly leaving everyone without light for a good 25 minutes afterwards.  While many people assumed that the loss of power was due to a too-intense halftime performance, (and rightfully so,) others took to the internet to express what they thought happened.  A couple of possibilities?

  1. the lights were attached to a clapper, and Beyonce accidentally “clapped off”
  2. the puppies from the Puppy Bowl escaped and peed on the wires
  3. the Illuminati

Whatever the cause may be, someone is DEFINITELY losing their job, and God knows that it’s certainly not Beyonce.  Get it, girl!


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