Video: Drake Bell Cornered By Beliebers At LAX Over Tweets

Drake Bell Justin Beiber Tweets LAX

Hey, do you guys remember Drake Bell?!



Huh, guess not. Well, let me get you all up to speed here: Drake Bell was the obnoxious “hot” one on Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh,” and is now trying to save his career starring on ABC’s new reality show, “Splash.” I guess Mr. Bell wanted some more attention, because he decided to pick a fight out of the blue with some of the most rabid dedicated fans out there: Justin Beiber’s “Beleibers.” Why, you ask, did Drake start a war with literally millions of people? Who knows, but it wasn’t pretty:

Drake Bell Justin Beiber Tweets

Oh geez. REAL SMART DUDE! As expected, the Beleiber backlash was severe, and Beiber fans went on a rampage, flooding Drake with threats and death wishes.  My personal favorite? “Row row row your boat gently off a cliff, I hope you break your neck and die, you will not be missed.” A+ for creativity, kid.  Drake later posted a tweet saying:

Drake Bell Justin Beiber Tweets

…but the damage was already done.  After a (now deleted) tweet from Drake asking Beiber fans to come and meet him at LAX, the war took on a life of it’s own.  Hordes of Beleibers showed up at the airport to confront Drake, who, quite frankly, seemed just as shocked as the rest of us that people were paying attention to him again.  He also – dare I say – seemed a little shaken up!

Drake Bell Justin Beiber Tweets Gif

The footage below shows the has-been Drake interacting with fans dancing to “Baby” by the Beibs, and bashfully attempting to explain himself to the crowd.  SPOILER ALERT: it doesn’t work, and he just comes off as a scolded bully. Might want to pick on somebody your own size next time, Drake.


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