Danish Fan Slaps Beyonce’s Booty at Concert (Video)

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Just because a woman’s body is self-proclaimed as bootylicious,” doesn’t mean that you can, or should, handle it.  You do not slap Miss Beyonce Knowles’ booty, or ANYONE’s booty, without consent.  Unfortunately, a Danish fan in the front row of a recent Beyonce concert was apparently unaware of this when he placed his unworthy hand on the singer’s behind.

Beyonce, the charitable woman that she is, decided to let the audience participate in singing the beginning of her hit, “Irreplaceable.”  She held her microphone up to a fan’s face as he sang “to the right, to the right.”

arrested development, beyonce, gob bluth
Beyonce laughed off the incorrect lyrics, brushing it off with an “alright, Boo Boo.”  But when she turned around to continue the performance, the inappropriately bold fan slapped her backside.  Beyonce handled the incident in a royal manner, telling the fan that she would “have him escorted out of here” before continuing the song.  Her servants security escorted the man out of the concert right away.

Hopefully this discourages other handsy fans to not take any chances at their upcoming Bey concerts…you know, if “sexual harassment” wasn’t reason enough.

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