Mouth Reader – Mouth Reader

Mouth Reader Album Review

Looking for some hard, fast, fuzzy garage rock? Look no further, because Mouth Reader is here, and they’re ready to jam! The band recently released their stellar self-titled debut album, showing listeners how reverb-heavy surf is meant to be done. The album kicks off with “Inside You,” a track that brings a near impossible amount of energy, and certainly starts the record off right. “Try” comes next, and showcases the band’s ability to cross surf rock with rough, edgy DIY. “Try” is the shortest tune on the album, and zooms out as fast as it came – but it’s one hell of a ride. Following “Try” is “Cult,” with Sex Pistols-esque vocals intertwined between steady riffs and occasional instrumental breaks.

“Crystalline Skies” goes in a almost thrash direction, with combative chords and ready-to-pounce percussion. “Crystalline Skies” is a standout track, sounding like it’s nearly at war with itself about how to feel. Tripped-out lyrics read like drug-induced poetry, “you are the one who wades in the floor, you kept your eyes on the golden shore. Whispering skies on the ocean floor…open up your doors…” “Dark Dreams” takes it down a hair, with Mouth Reader shifting their focus from lyrics to warbling guitars. The album wraps up with “Alright,” throwing back to the 60’s with a mid-tempo, beachy vibe. The longest song on the album at 4:05, “Alright” shows that Mouth Reader is not just quick dance songs, but tunes with substance, and could not have been a better track to conclude the record. You can download Mouth Reader for free on BandCamp here!

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