Kaskade – Atmosphere

Kaskade Atmosphere

DJ/Producer Ryan Raddon, AKA Kaskade, has just released his eighth studio album, “Atmosphere.” The album features a glorious mixture of minimal bass-heavy house, personal ballads, and dance-ready bangers to create a truly stunning record that will have you listening on repeat.  Kaskade opens the album with “Last Chance,” a elegant collaboration with Project 46, the delicately doubled vocals fitting perfectly with the airy backing track to create an uplifting techno hit.  The DJ sticks with the techno vibe in the catchy “Feeling The Night” and the instrumental “SFO To ORD.”  Keep an ear out for these three in any nightclub you may go to in the near future, because you’ll be sure to hear them.

“Atmosphere” gets unusually personal with tracks like “Why Ask Why,” where Kaskade and Late Night Alumni tell a beautifully written story about the heartbreaking decision to leave the one you love.  The melancholy theme continues onto “Missing You,” a sorrowful tale of mistakenly leaving a lover, the hypnotic voice of School of Seven Bells vocalist Alejandra Dehaza asking, “I’ve seen your eyes in a million faces / What else could I ever see but you? / Tell me your heart is the only answer / Tell me that you’re feeling this way too.”

Kaskade explains, “I think it has a little bit of everything; it’s very diverse. If I was to squash ‘Fire & Ice’ into a single rather than a double album, it might have sounded like this.”

Diverse is the perfect way to describe “Atmosphere,” and lucky for us, the mood-mixing record is out now!


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