Dikembe Will Have You Spinning in New Demo Video

dikembe, emo, demo
I don’t care if you’re into energetic emo revival bands like Dikembe or dubstep DJs like Skrillex; this video concept is too cool not to check out.

Tiny Engines released a video today for an untitled demo from Dikembe’s upcoming sophomore album, set to release in Fall 2013.  The song itself demonstrates excellent dynamics of old and new, quiet and loud, and expressive songwriting.  The video, directed by Jeremy Silveira, gives the viewer a 360 degree panoramic view of the members playing through the song.  You are placed in the middle of the room and given the ability to click and drag the video to choose which part of the room and band member you wish to see.  Whoa.  No more getting stuck with a camera fixed on one musician when you’re interested in another’s part.  Plus, the room Dikembe is performing in is filled with Christmas lights and a glowing paper lantern (basically every local scene lover’s wet dream).

The video was made with GoPano Plus, and will hopefully influence other bands to test out similar ideas.  Check it out below and get dragging!

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