New Owen Song Stream + Album Details!

owen, mike kinsella, L'Ami du Peuple
Mike Kinsella is a busy, busy man.  Balancing his newest project, Their/They’re/There, family life, and Owen tours, it’s incredible that he’s already coming out with a follow-up album to late 2011’s Ghost Town.  Incredibly exciting, that is.  Not only do we have a new album name, track listing, and release date, but also a new song up for streaming!

The new Owen album is called L’Ami du Peuple, and it will be released on July 2nd via Polyvinyl Records (it’s a Kinsella album, who else would it be?).  Here is the track listing:

1) I Got High
2) Blues to Black
3) Love Is Not Enough
4) Coffin Companions
5) The Burial
6) Bad Blood
7) Who Cares?
8) A Fever
9) Where Do I Begin?
10) Vivid Dreams

Track six, “Bad Blood,” is now up on the Polyvinyl SoundCloud, and it’s a song that lyrically recalls stories of Kinsella’s family lineage.  His perpetually tired, yet captivating vocals blend perfectly with guitar finger picking to somehow create a beautiful ambience surrounding straightforward rock solos and chords.  “Bad Blood” is powerful, and yet another step forward in Owen’s music.

After finally seeing Owen this year, my excitement for his new music is at an all time high.  Listen to “Bad Blood” below and let me know what you think!

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