Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP2

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ATTENTION! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! Everyone’s favorite bad boy, Eminem, has released his comeback album, “The Marshall Mathers LP2,” and it certainly lives up to expectations. Now, for any of you that have outstanding issues with Mr. Mathers, just take a look at this:

Isn't he just the CUTEST?!

Isn’t he just the CUTEST?!

Okay. Now that we have THAT out of the way…

Eminem has been through a lot in the past couple of years: custody battles, the death of his best friend, addiction, and more. MMLP2 takes you on a journey through Mather’s emotions during these turbulent years, yet somehow manages to still be danceable. Some of the most personal tracks are his hit single, “Rap God,” and the tinkling piano ballad of “Legacy.” If you’re one of those people who’s not big on “emotions,” be sure to check out “Rhyme Or Reason,” which is a glorious mixture of Em’s “Ass Like That,” and D-12’s “Purple Pills.” While both silly and sentimental look good on Eminem, he truly shines on the tracks where he get’s angry.

I guess you could say that – unlike The Incredible Hulk – you WILL like Eminem when he’s angry.

Much to everyone’s delight, Em’s inner-313 comes out in tracks like “So Much Better,” where he spits viciously, “My life would be so much better / if you just dropped dead / I was layin’ in bed last night thinkin’ / and this thought just popped in my head.” If pissy is your thing, be sure to also give a listen to “Evil Twin,” where Mathers snarls, “Ever since the day I came out I was like ‘fuck merits’ / I’d rather be loud, and I like swearin’!”

We like you loud and swearin’ too, Em!

Track Listing:

  1. Bad Guy
  2. Parking Lot (Skit)
  3. Rhyme Or Reason
  4. So Much Better
  5. Survival
  6. Legacy
  7. Asshole
  8. Berzerk
  9. Rap God
  10. Brainless
  11. Stronger Than I Was
  12. The Monster
  13. So Far…
  14. Love Game
  15. Headlights
  16. Evil Twin
  17. Baby
  18. Desperation
  19. Groundhog Day
  20. Beautiful Pain
  21. Wicked Ways

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