Beats Antique – A Thousand Faces: Act 1

Soma Cod Overnight Delivery Beats Antique A Thousand Faces: Act 1 Cheap Soma without prescription next day fedex overnight Have you been craving something new and different to listen to lately? Look no further than Beats Antique’s stunning new album, “A Thousand Faces: Act 1.” The trio, founded in the hills of San Fransisco and consisting of Zoe Jakes, David Satori, and Tommy Cappel, have truly outdone themselves in “A Thousand Faces,” fusing tribal beats and worldly instrumentals. Tracks like “Kismat” take you to foreign lands for a spiritual journey that enraptures the senses before burring into “You The Starry Eyed,” which has Lynx on guest vocals. “Starry Eyed’s” chilled-out beats will have your mind in a haze of smoke and mirrors. Before you get too calm, tracks like the circus-inspired “Pandoras Box” will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation. As the song’s tempo slowly rises, you will be biting your nails, before it drops hard into a deeply placid, yet somehow child-like feel. Beats Antique continues to impress with “Beezlebub,” which features Les Claypool, before concluding the album with “Veil Of Tears,” a steadily-building hypnotic tune with a clear middle eastern influence.  Now, if you would excuse me, I must DANCE:

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