Review: Half Moon Run – “Dark Eyes”


Canadian indie rockers Half Moon Run serve up their definition of melodic and mellow with their debut album Dark Eyes. While the trio has only been together for three years, Dark Eyes gives the impression that they’ve been hovering around the industry for much longer.

The opening track and single “Full Circle” quickly draws in the listener with smooth vocals and lyrics that are reminiscent of Alt-J. Other tracks like “Give Up” and “Drug You” sound similar to Radiohead, but Half Moon Run are still able to hold their own. The juxtaposition of each song on the album give it full feeling. “Fire Escape” offers atmospheric guitar triplets paired with haunting vocals and harmonica., and the closing track “21 Gun Salute” seems to engulf the entire sound of Half Moon Run and Dark Eyes, completely captivating and leaving you wanting more of Half Moon Run.

They are clearly a band to watch and listen for as they continue to hit the airwaves and create more music. If Dark Eyes is what Half Moon Run is able to produce after only three years as a band, then their progression in the music industry will be wondrous.


Track Listing for Dark Eyes

1. Full Circle

2. Call Me In The Afternoon

3. No More Losing The War

4. She Wants To Know

5. Need It

6. Give Up

7. Judgement

8. Unofferable

9. Drug You

10. Nerve

11. Fire Escape

12.. 21 Gun Salute

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