Review: Lorde – The Love Club EP


Sixteen year old songstress Lorde (Ella Yelich) from New Zealand released her debut  EP The Love Club this year in her home country, and earlier this month it became available to purchase in the US. The EP is extremely impressive for someone so young. Lorde pairs her unique voice and well written lyrics with an electro indie-pop soundtrack. The Love Club sounds like something that could easily come from someone twice her age, so hopefully we’ll hear more from her as she continues on this path. Each one of the five songs are distinct and catchy, with her current single “Royals” gaining more approval and success as she builds her fan base. The other tracks on the EP, such as the supercharged “Million Dollar Bills” or the darker, war-drum thudding “Biting Down” keep Lorde from becoming just another overseas one hit wonder.

Keep an ear open for Lorde and The Love Club this summer. This girl may be onto something

Track Listing for The Love Club EP:

1. Bravado

2. Royals

3. Million Dollar Bills

4. The Love Club

5. Biting Down

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