We’re No Heroes – Shiver

We're No Heroes Shiver EP

For fans of: The Neighbourhood, Foals, Bad Suns.

If you’re seeking a peppy, perky, indie-pop band to kick off this rainy Friday, look no further! UK-based three-piece We’re No Heroes have just released their new album, “Shiver!” The record kicks off with the spirited “Wild Life,” a track packed with a killer bassline that will have your head nodding in no time. Next up is the bluesy “Give Into Love,” a dark track with ominous undertones. Sharp guitars accompany frontman Tom Collins’ crooning vocals, telling a story of a lost love and learning to accept the separation. “We said forever, oh, now we are separ—oh,” he sighs, “and it was good and all—oh, but good things end…and great things fall…”

“Dark Dive” channels the likes of new indie sweethearts Foals with a hint of Bad Suns, burrowing into your brain with complex guitars that are aided by light, airy lyrics. Lastly is “Maya,” which has a Cayucas-meets-The-Neighbourhood vibe to it, consorted by crystal-clear harmonies floating high above.” Tom waxes lyrical about mediums and constructive ways to express oneself, crying, “it’s hard to be heard amoungst the thunder…I went to hide inside the storm…” Overall, a solid EP from a band well on their way to stardom. Hopefully we don’t have to wait to long to hear more from We’re No Heroes!

You can grab the EP on BandCamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Wild Life
  2. Give Into Love
  3. Dark Dive
  4. Maya

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