Dana Fuchs – Bliss Avenue

dana fuchs - bliss avenue

Dana Fuchs is releasing yet another powerful track this vocalist, songwriter is incredible and can certainly be heard in her CD. The album she released on July 9th is full of rock, blues, soul and even a hint of country. The album was co-written with her friend guitarist Jon Diamond.

Dana Fuchs has a decisive 70s feel on the majority of her tracks with remnants of vintage Stones and Free. Her album has the style of some good classical artists such as Janis Joplin and Big Brother. Her songs are worth the listen, their soulful and full of pure depth emotion. The songs are full of emotion but the real gem is Dana Fuchs voice. Her ability to get inside the meaningful lyrics and sing truly from the heart is remarkable. Her music goes way beyond stardom but to the heart of the people that listens to her track, shes making an impact.

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