Lemonbait – Lemonbait EP

Lemonbait EP


For fans of: Nirvana, Pixies, Breeders.

Pop quiz time! What do you get when you mix citrus, Pixies, and early White Stripes?

If you said Lemonbait, you’d be right! The teenage alt-rockers released their EP back in October, and we’re kicking ourselves for just finding it now! The album kicks off with “Shiver,” a Bleach-era Nirvana-sounding track with the vocals that would make Jack White proud. Next up is “Trying To Read,” a melancholy track about regrets and dealing with consequences. “I’ll be so old,” frontman Sam croons, “that I didn’t know that I’ve lost my mind, and I can’t rewind…” He speaks of hesitation and of what could have been, all while maintaining scratchy, spot-on vocals, and it’s BEAUTIFUL. “Waking Still” sees Lemonbait go in a decidedly dreary direction, channeling a sleepy Breeders with vocals that blend into the background just a tiiiiiny bit too much. Following “Waking Still” is “Outside,” which embraces a more pop-punk sound, before blasting into “Why Think,” a tune with a Clash-meets-Mudhoney vibe that will have you nodding your head in no time. “In Mind” takes the EP’s mood down a bit, with slow, strumming guitars intermingling with fuzzy, faded vocals. “Cold” is a pure cry for help, with Sam wailing, “oh, help me when I’m feelin’ cold, I couldn’t find her and I’m gettin’ old…” Wrapping up the album is “Keeping Steep,” an unusually simplistic track with soft drums and near twangy guitars that bring “Lemonbait” to a nice soft close. You can download your copy of the EP for free here.

Track Listing:

  1. Shiver
  2. Trying To Read
  3. Waking Still
  4. Outside
  5. Why Think
  6. In Mind
  7. Cold
  8. Keeping Steep

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