Could Passenger Breakthough With “Let Her Go” ?


A former five-piece band now down to just main vocalist Mike Rosenberg, Passenger has slowly but surely breaking through all over the world blowing up in countries such as Australia, Germany and his home the UK. Even though it was released in July 2012, the 29 year old folk/singer-songwriter has had his biggest and only success with his single “Let Her Go” all over Europe early this year. Now Passenger looks to attempt at breaking through to the US and the future does look bright since it is already getting airplay on a few US radio stations as well as opening for Ed Sheeran on tour.

“Let Her Go” is an ode to losing your lover and only realizing what you had when its already gone. It has such a simple pop/folk sound to it that could grab anyone’s attention. He uses great metaphorical lines to express this such as,

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Passenger really paints the picture of realizing you love what you’ve already lost perfectly with great lyrics and a great hook that everyone can relate too. I can already see teens everywhere blasting and posting these lyrics all over social media. I truly believe this song could become a hit in the US for Passenger possibly very similar to The Lumineers or Of Monsters and Men breaking through with their hit songs in the last year.

“Let Her Go” has a perfect sound for the radio and good lyrics to go with it but only time will tell if Passenger can breakthrough.

Check out the music video for “Let Her Go”:

Here is Passenger performing the song live as well:


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