Justin Timberlake To Host Saturday Night Live For 5th Time March 19

Justin Timberlake Saturday Night Live

Justin Timberlake Saturday Night Live

Justin Timberlake’s new album “The 20/20 Experience” is due to drop on March 19th and the Timberlake promotional machine is starting to rev up.

Just announced today, Justin will be returning to host and perform on Saturday Night Live for the 5th time on March 9th. His past appearances have produced some of the show’s funniest sketches in recent years, so this announcement has a lot of folks excited.

The question on this blogger’s mind, and probably everyone else’s, will Justin’s upcoming SNL appearance give us another hilarious JT And Adam Samberg music video?

The musical parody duo has produced 3 SNL Digital Short classics: “Dick In A Box,” “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” and “Motherlover.” Could Samberg and Timberlake team up again? I hope so. One thing is for sure, if they do the video is bound to go viral.

In addition to pulling double-duty on SNL, it was announced that Justin will appear on the Jimmy Fallon Show for a one week residency from March 11-15th! That’s a lot of Timberlake for one show, and for one week!

Check Out JT And Adam Samberg’s Classic Videos

Dick In A Box

3-Way (The Golden Rule)


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