Bronze Radio Return – “Up, On & Over”

bronze radio return - up over and over

Bronze Radio Return strides in this June with their fourth¬†album Up, On & Over, displaying a brand of alternative-folk-pop that seems soaked in summer sunshine for 2013.¬† Thanks to the PGA tour, BRR received a fair amount of recognition for their first single off the album, “Further On” after it was chosen for the PGA’s nation TV ad campaign, but the entire album is full of gems that all stand out on their own. Tracks like “Mister, Mister” and “M.O.T.R. (Middle Of The Road) are steeped in catchy hooks and choruses with guitar and piano chords driving the songs, and album, forward. Meanwhile, the title track “Up, On & Over” kicks off the album by blending twangy verses with an anthem-like chorus. It sets the tone for the rest of the album, with the exception of “Above, Below”, an acoustic guitar song performed solo by the frontman of the six-member band, Chris Henderson.
Bronze Radio Return is a good band if you’re looking for new music along the lines of Vampire Weekend, The Lumineers, and Mumford and Sons. Up, On & Over is a solid album for summer jamming in the car with the windows down.

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