Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Share a Kiss in “The Way” Video

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Former Victorious supporting actress Ariana Grande and “Donald Trump” rapper Mac Miller can be seen getting awfully close in their new video for “The Way.”  Grande proves in the video that she isn’t just a Nickelodeon star anymore (she does have a new Nickelodeon show on the way, but, whatever) and that her singing voice has always been worthy of more than just a supporting role.

The music video for “The Way” features Grande and Miller singing/rapping in front of…a projection of themselves IN the video on the wall?  Okay, makes for nice lighting I guess.  There are also a lot of balloons.  And some random backup dancers.  Nothing too deep but, hey, it’s fun enough to fit the song.  When Grande and Miller aren’t busy laughing and canoodling (which is adorable, by the way), they’re playing with the balloons and a camera.  The combination of latex and film often ends quite badly for most celebrities, but in “The Way,” it’s pretty cute.

Grande hits some crazy-high notes toward the end of the song, Mariah Carey style, before sharing a kiss with Miller.  I think, if anything, this video will get the wheels of the rumor mill spinning, because the kiss looks LEGIT.  Maybe Grande deserves some more credit for her acting skills…or maybe they’re an item!  Ariana Grande + Mac Miller = Mariana Griller?  I should leave the celeb couple names to the experts.  Watch the video and see for yourself what I’m blabbering on about:

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