Review: Parachute – “Overnight”


The pop-rock quartet Parachute have released their new album entitled Overnight, a followup to 2011’s The Way It Was. There’s a lot of energy and dance-able hits scattered throughout the record, reminiscent of any Maroon 5 song you might hear on the radio jammed between tunes by Rihanna and Macklemore.

Parachute certainly isn’t breaking any new ground here, but that doesn’t mean that Overnight is a complete fluke. I’d much rather hear any of the album’s songs on the radio over Katy Perry telling me to roar because I’m a  California firework. Overnight is probably exactly what Parachute needs in order for them to break out and get noticed, even if it does bear some similarities to a large chunk of other pop-rock albums.

In conclusion, I predict a lot of teenage girls will be putting songs from Overnight onto playlist mixes for their friends as they exchange hair straighteners and oogle their hot American History teacher. I know it’s exactly what I would have done.

Track Listing for Overnight

1. ‘Meant to Be’
2. ‘Can’t Help’
3. ‘Drive You Home’
4. ‘Hurricane’
5. ‘Overnight’
6. ‘Didn’t See It Coming’
7. ‘The Other Side’
8. ‘Waiting for That Call’
9. ‘The Only One’
10. ‘Disappear’
11. ‘Higher’

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