Kanye’s “Yeezus” Sessions Shown In “I Am A God” Studio Clip

Even though Kanye’s new album doesn’t come out for another week, it seems like Yeezus as already been out for ages with all the hype surrounding it. This also probably has to do with Kanye just being Kanye, referring to himself in third person, having babies with Kardashians, etc. Nevertheless, I’m ready for June 18th to arrive, especially after the rapper posted a new video on his website. In the video, West bobs up and down on a stool, recording a verse from “I Am A God” off of Yeezus, while bearded┬áproducer Rick Rubin lounges in a nearby chair.

Okay, so now I’m even more excited. He really looked like he was having fun towards the end, there.

I suggest checking out the original video on http://www.kanyewest.com/┬áso that you can get the full experience of the thirty second Yeezus sesh, complete with the “not really art” album artwork and the spinning image of a 3D globe.


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