“We Can’t Stop” – Miley Cyrus Releases New Single

Miley Cyrus We Can't Stop

Miley Cyrus can’t stop. Or she can. Either way.

She has definitely erased the Disney image, with her chopped hair, multiple tattoos, and I assume that she’s shared a spliff with Snoop on multiple occasion, so obviously I expected her new single, “We Can’t Stop”, to be a drug-fueled, ragetastic number. It’s a good summer tune, no doubt about that, but I couldn’t help feel a little let down. I thought Miley couldn’t be tamed!!!


However, lines about her dancing with drugs and telling girls with big butts that only God can judge them hold me over. The song isn’t completely what I expected, but I’m still gonna give her album a chance when it comes out. But in the end, Miley either needs to become music icon or follow in Amanda Bynes’ footsteps. I demand to be entertained.

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